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About Me



I'm a figurative artist with a strong interest for portraiture.

I was born in France and trained at the Institut Professionel des Métiers de l’Art et de la Décoration in Paris, where I learned traditional techniques of restoration,  painted finishes and trompe l’oeil. Since coming to Australia in 1997, I was fortunate to be selected to work on a number of important projects, including at Parliament House, The Sydney Town Hall and St Andrew's Cathedral.

As a child I would spent entire days drawing. In my teens I became an avid photographer, and would often go out on missions to ‘take pictures to make pictures’.
In 2009 I successfully completed a post graduate Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of New South Wales and since then I have been showing my work on a regular basis.

My current work has progressed from bold, large and colourful paintings to much smaller works as I rekindled with my media of choice: pencil, charcoal and pastels.
Experimenting with a near monochrome palette, while being closer to the black and white photography aesthetics that I like also brought about a certain calm to my practice. It has allowed me to explore ideas around time as a linear construct, which constitutes a significant part of my work and my preoccupations.



Tel: +61 410 194 212

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